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Client projects

These are projects I designed for clients. 

Residential Works

Winter and Summer houses, West Virginia (1999)
This is a pair of houses designed for a West Virginia hillside.  A primary concern was using the chosen builder's talents to mximum effect for construction.  The concept included a winter house and a summer hose structure both.  They are sited with a circuitous approach and slight angle apart evocative of the site and approach to the Acropolis.  Both structures are based on a shed-roofed core and matching gable combination.  In the summer house (unbuilt) the core houses guest quarters, and the gabled portion provides a large porch space for the client's communal gatherings. In the winter house shown, the core houses plumbing and circulation functions, while the gabled portion houses the main living spaces.
Overall, the design concept rethinks conventional notions of space and function divisions in a house.  So the rooms are multipurpose and defy traditional functional assignments.  The house capitolizes on the view by being as tall as possible.  The bridge at the rear spans the  fragment/memory of an old road.  The bridge provides access from the main floor out into the woods beyond - it makes the house work to facilitate interaction with nature and the site, which is a big part of the purpose of the house to begin with. 

Approach to winter house
West view showing old road incorporated under bridge
Rear of house showing three stacked doors

Walker Marchetti Beach House, Rehoboth, Delaware (1998)
 The concept for this house started with the simplicity of a simple Louisiana style shotgun house - basically one room wide.  The exterior form takes on a pop art simplicity related to Robert Venturi's mother's house, with a simple gable pointed up, like and arrow to the sky.  The main floor interior is an open plan with only the square of the kitchen in the middle to distinguish the living room in the front form the dining room in the back.  The roof slope and residual spaces at either end create porches front and back which jump in scale and give a monumental feel to an otherwise modest dwelling. 

Rehoboth beachhouse, front view
Front view
Rehoboth beach house, alternate front view
Front view, completed

Renovations for Dick and Edie Lasner, Somerset, MD (1994,2000)
The first phase of this work included a complete kitchen gut, and addition of a family room and powder room to a very typical post war brick center hall colonial.  Some years later, the clients called me back (the ultimate compliment) to add a master bath and walk-in closet in the space above the existing enclose side porch.  All the work was clean and simple.  The classic and conservative apporach has given the house a timeless validity which I'm proud to stay still looks good years later. 

Richard Lasner's Photography website

Lasner, rear view
Lasner, family room interior, satined glass by me (4 panel series)

Pitelka Renovations, Potomac, MD (1995, 1998)
For some years I was associated with Louis Tenenbaum, a contractor specializing in accessibility and universal design work.  i will always be grateful for the experience I had working on so many different accessibility projects, and for the opportunity to fully understand the varied nature of disabilities and their design requirements. 
This work included a kitchen for a MS-inflcted, wheelchair bound client.  She first had me do her bathroom, and some years later called me back to do the kitchen. (again, a great compliment).   I also did interior design work - doing finishes and furnishings for her living and dining areas. 

Louis Tenenbaum's website

Accessible bathroom, universal design
Bathroom view

Meyer Nerlove Renovations, College Park MD (1993)
This project consisted of 'surgical strike' renovations to a 1968 house near the University of Maryland.  Scope included adding a bathroom, renovating the master bath, completely redoing the kitchen, performing miscellaneous renovations throughout the home, as well as designing a landscaping plan for the large yard space.  Most exciting was blowing cased openings throughout the main floor, thus turning a traditional plan in to an open plan.  Also notable was working with a German national client, whose taste stretched the boundaries of typical DC homeowner, and thus produced some exciting and different results. 

kitchen view

Greer Renovations, Washington, DC (1992)
Renovations included a new kitchen, new windows, floor refinish, a basement redo, and other renovations throughout a 1940's era rowhouse.  The kitchen is a study in how difficult a simple, clean design is to realize, but how successful it is to live with.


Beach House for Cathy and Meir Wolf, Southern Shores, NC (1994)
This house - for the onetime mayoer of Chevy Chase, MD - is based on a simple plan like a 'bar' building, in this case four rooms long by one room deep.  Thus, every room has an ocean view.  The house is raised with arched carport spaces at either end like an Italian villa.  

Various construction pictures.

Addition to my mother's home, Nashville TN (1984)
This project was designed when I was a junior in college.  it is unltimately a contextual reaction to the 1939 house it is added to.  The driveway side alludes to a broken pediment - translated in a modern manner - as a compliment to the architect-designed original with its carefully proportioned classical front porch.  The notion of a Southern formal axis was carried from the original house (in the front door and out the matching back door) across a new open porch and through the breakfast room to a screened porch. 
The addition was also an early study in passive solar design. The cut in the center of the mass - forming the 'broken pediment' - allows for mathematically- calculated, southern-facing clerestory windows in the kitchen space which get direct sunlight even on the winter solstice.  Additionally, the breezeway style connection incorporates exstiing attic stairs which have been subsequently used by later owners to incorporate additional second floor bedrooms.  The possibility of doing this was my original design intent. 

Driveway front, street front (original house)
Garden front, backyard view

Other Residential Projects include:

Renovations to DiVito Residence, Washington DC (1999)

Renovations for Rob Robertson, Washington DC (1999) 

Renovations for Ms. Deborah S., Mt Pleasant , Washington DC (1998)

Renovations for Grace and Melvin Stern, Chevy Chase MD (1998)

Addition for Holly Tippett and Greg O'Brien, Washington DC (1997) 

Kosher Kitchen for Stuart and Judy Rosenthal, Hyattsville, MD (1996)

Kosher kitchen for Ari Zymelman, Washington DC (1995)

Commercial Works

The Public Securities Association Headquarters, Washington, DC 

Reception room looking at Conference room doors
Public Securities Assc. Reception Room view
Reception room designed as Roman Atrium

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Headquarters, Washington DC

Corporation For Public Broadcasting, boardroom view

Jane's Information Systems Headquaters, Alexandria VA

Jane's Information, offices
Axonometric of floorplan

Other commercial projects include:

Thai Airways International, DC offices, Washington, DC

Lobby at National Place for JBG Properties, Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC

Offices and retail space for Reusch, Inc., money exchangers, Washington, DC

Extensive work for Fannie Mae, 3900 and 4000 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC

Veda Incorporated Headquarters, Alexandria VA

Offices for Donald Regan, Washington DC